No Mom. I need just five more minutes
Hello. Cinder here. It’s time to talk about fear. I'm here to tell you a very funny story about me as a five-year-old and my fear. I am currently eleven years old, I have three dogs, and a big kitchen. I have a fourteen-year-old brother named Alex and a mother named Lorenza. We live on Oak Wood Dr. In Northern California. Now on to the worst day of my five year old life.
It all started six years ago and ended four years ago. I was at the Westfield Topanga Mall in southern California, with my Mother and brother, going summer shopping.  I was holding my mom's hand going up the horrendous escalator, and when we got to the 2nd floor, I ran to a chair and sat sitting down on the overstuffed cushion doing my victory dance for making it. After about an eternity of sitting down and doing nothing, I decided I would start looking around.
I found a very pretty dress display and started playing around with it. The dresses were covered in silk soft feathers and beautiful gemstones. Well I was playing, I heard  my mother calling out,“Come on Cinder, it's time to go”.
I replied, “Ok Mom. Give me five more minutes”.
“No Cinder. Come on right NOW”!
“No, Mom. I need just five more minutes”.
Apparently, she did not hear my response,so after about 5 minutes, I started calling out my mom's name. I never heard an answer. I started wailing and screeching at the top of my lungs, wanting my mom to come back to me. At that moment, I felt like my world shattered like a broken bottle.
Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my brother trying to run up the escalator,(It was a down escalator), to bring me down to my mom.
“Alex, you came back for me!” yelled.
“Of course I would.”He replied.

When I got down the escalator, I ran into my mom’s widespread arms like a baby bird cuddling its mother. After that I told my mom that escalators would never be my friend. Then we went home and had a happy evening. That evening made me become scared of escalators for two years after. My favorite quote from that experience was,”No Mom. I need just five more minutes!”
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