Activity 1
Images and Attributions/Creative Commons

           This is how to properly use and post pictures on a public site. The first thing you need to know, a picture on the internet means that it can make infinite copies. that is what we have copyright laws. Derivatives are something that is based off another thing.The copyright laws are shown on pictures a  symbol which are also a license on your picture. There are 7 different symbols/licenses. One of the licenses is a c inside a circle. That means that no one can use that picture unless they have permission from the owner. The next one is an Attribution license. It looks like a person inside a circle. That is where everyone can share your picture, only if they credit you. The next license is the NonCommercial license. It means that no one can make any money from the work.  The next license is the NonDerivative license. That means that no one can change your picture. The next one is the Share Alike license. That one means that anyone using the picture would have to use the EXACT same rules that applied to the original. Thank you for reading my LONG paragraph about copyright.

Activity 2(3)
 Poem about a picture
with Attribution
Figure Skating

Figure skating is my one true love,
I do crash and burn but I get back up,
You become as graceful and as fragile as a dove,
After a lesson in the freezing snow, I love to relax with a cup of hot cocoa,
Jumping up I swirl the frozen air in my skirt,
Skating with the speed of a galloping Gazelle,
All worries disappear in the swirling snow,
Then you head home, with the feeling of a cold winter's night,
You still feel the cold of the ice flowing through your veins, starting to heat as you wrap yourself up in fluffiest blankets, you know you will be back soon, you can just feel it.

Image result for ice skates
Picture by YMCA of the Rockies.

Activity 3(4)
Story beginnings 
with Attribution                                                          
Image result for sunset
Picture by

            This is the story of a little girl. She loved going to the roof of her cabin on the top of a mountain every night to see the sunset and the stars. But, what she did not know, was that this sunset on the mountain would be her last beautiful sunset for a long while. The
little girl named Smoky Flame, lived with her mother Mrs. Ember Flame, her older sister Blaze Flame, and her Dalmatian; Cinder. A long time ago, Mr. Hearth Flame built a log cabin for him and his wife. He built it without any real estate people or lawyers knowing about it, so he would be tax-free. Anyway,  1 year later, they had their beautiful daughter Blaze, and 5 months after that, had Smoky. when Smoky was only 1 year old, Hearth was driving back from the store, but his brakes stopped working when he parked. His car started to roll down the hill and he died, trapped in his car.
                              to be continued . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                             Commenting week #6

This week, I have been commenting on other peoples blogs like Yacob's Blog on his poem. What I enjoyed about commenting on the other people's blogs was that you could read what all the other people thought.  on Yacob's blog, i read,"You’re post was really well written and super interesting. The work that Martin Luther King did was amazing! I really liked your post! Keep it up!" from 20jaggm. I could tell that she/he really enjoyed the post and so did I.  But, there is some stuff I find annoying. I cold not find the blog that I read this, but the comment someone left was," Wow! that was very good. Maybe next time you could write it instead of your mom." That just ticked me off. So lets get away from the negative, you can always find something on a blog or anywhere that you know that you or a friend would like. Then you can read it and show it to a friend, and they can show it to a different friend.
My blogposts are not getting any new comments. It feels like nobody is paying much attention to my other bits of hard work. I think that anyone reading this should look at all parts of a blog, because they could be much more interesting that you realize. 

                                                                Comment Starters


  1.                           Hello_______. I just wanted to tell you ______________________
  2.                           Dear _______, Your blog was very _________________________
  3.                           Hola Sr(ta) ________. I just want to sound ass cool as your blog. ___________  There are some comment starters so you can sound cool too.

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