Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week #7 Poll. School Subject

💙 This is my survey about school. All the people who took the survey, answered honestly (I hope). I wanted to see who liked which class more in school.  This is all the info from the poll. I am pretty sure that most people taking the poll were from A. E. Wright Middle School. First, science proves that science class is more memorable than most other classes because of labs, and experiments and such, also the teacher is very enjoyable, who, makes everyone laugh and be excited for science class. Electives are next on the list. A reason that people like electives might just be that  science has said that electives can help students discover who they are. Now comes History. History help you discover more about the country that you live in, and that importance is very special to some people. Here is math. Math is hard for some people, and easy for others. It always has something new for you to learn, and excel at. I, like most people, do not like it, which is why I think it is so far down on the list. That is my poll and explanation.💙

Subject Resultes
Math 2 votes
Science 8 votes
E.L.A 1 votes
P.E 0 votes
History  2 votes
Elective  3 votes


  1. Hi Natalie,
    Do you know for sure that people were being honest? Are these your opinions or do you have facts from the research articles you read? Be sure to post cite your research.
    Your blog is blooming!

    1. thank you Mrs. Kimball for the feedback.