Wednesday, October 5, 2016

7 Random Facts About Me

7 Random Facts About Me

  1.  I have 2 turtles and a Dog
  2.   I have been to Canada
  3.   I love cooking and baking   
  4.   I made 2 langues.  eyy i anc eb em!
  5.   I learned how to shoot a Rifle, pistol, and handgun at the age of 7
  6.   I took 2 years of ballet
  7.   I love Books


  1. Hi Natalie,
    I absolutely love reading as well. I also used to live in Canada for a little while. What part of Canada did you live in? Do you have names for the two languages that you created? If so what were they? Also I can't spell either and used auto correct throughout this comment.

    1. I did not live in canada, but i did visit. And I call my langiges Natalie 1, and Natalie 2. thank you for the comment

  2. I love your 7 random facts about. This my email address